Daily Tips for Daycare Prep

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Getting children ready in the mornings can be a rushed and stressful time, but being prepared the night before can help ease the tension. Here are some basic tips for getting ready for daycare the night before.

Pick Out Clothes

Children can have a mind of their own when picking out what to wear to daycare, which is why picking out clothes the night before can save time in the morning. Here are some basics for choosing clothes to wear to daycare.

  • Always be sure to label your child’s clothing. Outwear should especially include a label to ensure another child doesn’t happen to grab the wrong jacket at the end of the day. Label anything that could potentially be removed throughout the day.

  • Choose outfits that are not only weather appropriate, but appropriate for the Orlando daycare temperature. If the daycare is typically chilly, dress your child in layers to keep them comfortable during the day.

  • Send your child with an extra set of clothing. When it comes to children, accidents tend to happen. An extra set of clothing will allow your Orlando daycare provider to change your child and keep them comfortable should an accident occur.
  • Avoid sending your child in expensive clothing. As mentioned previously, accidents tend to happen when children spend a day together.

  • Avoid clothing that is difficult to remove. Buttons and snaps that are difficult to undo could make using the restroom harder for small children.

  • When it comes to shoes, never send your child with sandals or shoes without a back. These tend to cause more tripping and falling during play.

  • Don’t send your child to daycare wearing any type of jewelry. These small pieces could be easily lost or taken by accident by another child. 

Pack a Snack

Getting snacks ready the night before can help ease your morning stress levels. Pack healthy snacks and snacks packed with protein to keep your child energized and ready to take on playtime. 

Wind Down

Ok, so this one might not be prepping for the morning, but winding down at night and talking about your child’s day can help relax an anxious child. You could find out some interesting stuff about their Orlando daycare experience.


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Staff 5/13/2015

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