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Why Small Group Activities Are Important in Orlando Preschool

There are many benefits to having young children participate in activities in small groups in an Orlando preschool. Typically these activities are designed for groups of five or six children and feature materials that allow them to play and explore together. Here are some of the reasons that small group activities are great for preschoolers: 1. Developmental Growth While preschoolers are still developing their cognitive and social skills, they often function best when in small groups. These acti...

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How to Find the Best Orlando Preschool

A good education doesn’t begin with getting into a good high school to prepare for college; it begins much, much earlier - in preschool in fact. Children that attend preschool start with a great an advantage. Not only are they exposed to important concepts in math and reading, but they also work to develop necessary social skills. When searching for an Orlando preschool or child care provider it can get pretty overwhelming with all of the options out there. In this article we’ll shar...

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5 Winter Break Learning Ideas for Kids

With winter break right around the corner, many parents are wondering what types of activities their children can do while they’re away from school to keep them learning and entertained. Research shows that over the summer break, children lose about two months’ worth of math skills. While a short two or three weeks in December doesn’t have the same impacts, you might be thinking of some educational opportunities over the holiday break. That’s why we’ve gathered a fe...

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Teaching Children Gratitude and Other Socializations

Every parent strives to teach their children how to show appreciation and gratitude for what they have, but how can we continue to encourage an attitude of gratitude? Modeling is often the best way to show kids how to behave. Since infants and toddlers love to give you objects whether they actually let you have it or not , that is the perfect opportunity to start showing your thanks whenever they offer you something. If you enthusiastically show thankfulness, they will learn that giving and rece...

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Orlando Daycare Illness Prevention: Flu Vaccine

No parent likes to see their child sick, especially when they’re so sick that they need to stay home from their Orlando daycare and potentially go to the doctor’s office. Well fall is officially here and flu season is on its way. No matter what age, getting the flu vaccine is beneficial in preventing a nasty bug, but it is especially recommended that very young children and the elderly get the flu vaccine. But did you know why young children are at a higher risk of contracting the vi...

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