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Orlando Daycare Illness Prevention: Flu Vaccine

No parent likes to see their child sick, especially when they’re so sick that they need to stay home from their Orlando daycare and potentially go to the doctor’s office. Well fall is officially here and flu season is on its way. No matter what age, getting the flu vaccine is beneficial in preventing a nasty bug, but it is especially recommended that very young children and the elderly get the flu vaccine. But did you know why young children are at a higher risk of contracting the vi...

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Top 3 Tips For Adjusting To Preschool

Moving from daycare to preschool or Voluntary Prekindergarten V.P.K. can be a big step. If your child has already been going to daycare they may already be used to a semi-structured day, but VPK will bring new challenges. Here are three tips for helping your child adjust to preschool in Orlando. Talk About It Most preschoolers do well when they know what to expect. Sharing the daily schedule with your child can go a long way in helping them adjust. Your child’s preschool teacher should be ...

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5 Fun & Free Outdoor Activities for Kids

Summer activities for children don’t have to break the bank. In fact, it’s often the simplest ideas that foster the strongest connection. This is especially true for spending family time outside. In addition, according to the National Wildlife Federation , outdoor play boosts fitness and decreases the risk of childhood obesity; increases focus and academic achievement; and reduces stress and increases feelings of well-being. As a provider of early childhood education and child care, ...

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The Importance of Pre-K

When asking many kindergarten teachers what is expected of children to know when entering their class, most will say they expect the child to know their name, how to spell it, know the alphabet, letter names, numbers one through ten, colors and shapes. While these may not seem like difficult things to teach children, it is often with daily repetition and unique learning environments that children gain most of their knowledge. Prior Knowledge Building a foundation for children to bring into kinde...

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3 Fun Vocabulary Activities to Help Your Toddler Learn

Parents tend to naturally foster language development through everyday moments of talking, singing, and reading to children. At daycare, children are often exposed to even more opportunity for learning language. Here are a few fun vocabulary activities you can do with your infants and toddlers to help jumpstart language learning: 1. Word Expansion When children start using language, it is usually in one or two word sentences, such as Cup. In order to build upon their language skills, respond to ...

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