5 Tips for the First Day at Daycare

Tuesday, August 12, 2014
The first day of daycare can be a little nerve-wracking as a parent, and perhaps you’ll get a tad emotional about sending your child off into this new experience. However, after thoroughly selecting the daycare that is right for you and your child, you know they’ll be in caring hands. So what do you need to do to prepare yourself for that big first day?
5 Tips for the First Day at Daycare
1. Make a Schedule
Making a schedule of how much extra time you’ll need in the morning is essential to being well prepared for your child’s first day of daycare in Orlando. Leave yourself extra time in case of unexpected events like traffic, diaper issues, etc.
2. Do All of Your Shopping
Make sure you have everything your child could need for their first day. For younger children this would include things like bottles, diapers, extra clothes, etc. For children who are starting daycare past the infant stages it might be nice to treat them to a new and special backpack or shoes. This will get them excited about going to daycare instead of being nervous about not having you around.
3. Get to Know the Teacher
Trust in the staff that you’re leaving your child with is one of the most important things to help with this transitional period. If your Orlando daycare has a drop in policy be sure to utilize it and see how your child is adjusting and how your child’s teacher is interacting with the kids. Talking with them in down time can help put you at ease on days where you’re stuck at work thinking about them.
4. Help Your Child Adjust
On your first day it’s best to leave yourself time to stick around for a few extra minutes. Let your child show you around the room, talk to them and ensure they have everything they need but don’t linger.
Creating a routine on the first day can help your child adjust easier to going to daycare every day. Parking in the same spot, entering through the same door, putting their things in their cubby, hugs and a kisses and a sweet saying at the end can be a great way to let your child be aware of the routine. Repeating it can help them know you don’t have extra time in the morning to hang around. If your child does get upset, stay calm. Reassure them that everything will be okay. Even if they are crying, it’s okay to leave. This gives the child and the caretaker time to bond and the crying will usually last only a few minutes after you’re gone. Feel welcome to call and check in during the first day. It’s totally normal to be a little anxious about how your child is adjusting.
5. Pack It Up
Arriving on time to pick up your child is especially important during the first week of daycare. This lets your child know that you’ll be there for them and helps build a routine and trust in the daycare. Let your child show you what they’ve done during the day and wrap up all of the excitement with a fun, small indicator, like a tickle on the neck, when it’s time to leave.
Daycare can be an intimidating transition for the both of you, so be sure to spend extra time at home bonding and doing fun activities. Validate the feelings of nervous children. Let them know that even if they’re a little scared that they can get through it.
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