5 Ways to Avoid Separation Anxiety at Daycare

Monday, November 20, 2017

Separation anxiety is a common thing for toddlers to experience when they begin to understand that things like Mom and Dad still exist even when they can’t see them. It comes from not knowing if or when they’ll be back once not in view.

Here are some simple ways to help your children’s worries when it’s time to leave them at your Orlando daycare:

1. Spend time together at daycare

Take some time to be at the daycare with your toddler before you leave them there alone. If they see how relaxed you are with the person and the facility they will be less anxious about it.

2. Explain their day

Give them a rundown of their day. First, they’ll play with other kids, then have something to eat, then play outside, then nap, then you’ll be back for them after snack time. Giving them some concept of what to look forward to could put them more at ease.

3. Keep it brief

Once you’ve had the chance to acquaint them to daycare, it’s best to keep your morning goodbyes short. The separation is as big a deal as you make it. If you act anxious and uncertain, like continuing to return for another hug, or looking back as you leave, your child will think there is something to be uncertain about.

4. Get them busy

Having an activity to do as soon as you leave gives kids less of a chance to dwell on the impending departure. A fun game or activity that requires their mind would be the perfect thing.

5. Don’t indulge in drama

If your child starts to throw a tantrum, attaches themselves to you, or any other plea for attention, it’s important you don’t condone the behavior by sticking around. Be calm and loving but firm that this is happening and it will be fine but they need to do this now. You’d only be reinforcing these ideas by staying, so head out and you can always call back to check in a little later. Chances are they’ll be off playing by then.

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Staff 11/20/2017

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