Building Compassion and Caring at Daycare in Orlando

Wednesday, October 21, 2015
Very young children tend to be egocentric, meaning they see themselves as the center of the universe. While we want to encourage confidence from a young age, caring, cooperation and empathy are positive behavior that we'd all like to see in our children. As they grow, children start to develop social awareness and learn to care more about other people and their feelings, reactions and perspectives. These developments are enhanced when children are exposed to more social interaction at a young age through an Orlando daycare.
It’s at daycare that they can learn how their words and actions affect others. They will begin to understand that what they say and do can make people feel good or make people feel sad.

Tips to Teach Children to Care and Be Cooperative

Give Them Choices
Cooperation may come in many different forms during child development. Set reasonable expectations for cooperation for your child. Some young children are more patient than others. Some young children might want to draw a picture on a card for a friend's birthday, while others might prefer to give a hug.

Talk About Their Feelings
By teaching kids words that identify emotions you can help build emotional intelligence, just like with any vocabulary words. Children need to be aware of their own emotions before they can empathize with someone else's. Ask children how they feel about different situations.
Talk about real life scenarios and discuss possible choices. Also, you can ask questions that require a child to take another child’s perspective such as, "How do you think he felt when he didn’t win?”
Another option could be to read children's books about people cooperating, demonstrating kindness, and helping others and discuss while reading together.

Validate Caring Behaviors
"It was very kind of you to help Martha when she fell off the swing." Or, "Thank you for helping me put away the groceries."

Ask for Input On a Situation
If another child is experiencing difficulties, ask your child questions to extend their understanding of what transpired. Teaching caring behavior helps them build meaningful friendships. "How do you think he is feeling?" "What do you think you can do to help?"

Volunteer as a Family
There are many charities or organizations in Central Florida that would always appreciate a helping hand. Volunteering as a family can show children how good it can feel to contribute toward the well being of others.
Above all, model the values you want your children to learn. Nobody is perfect but we can all be thoughtful and make concern for others part of our daily routine. Whether that means delivering meals to people in need, donating toys and books, reaching out to someone new, or expressing gratitude, guide your children to create a more compassionate world.
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Staff 10/21/2015

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