How to Choose the Best Orlando After School Program

Thursday, November 12, 2015

There have been many studies about the positive effects of a quality after school program. Afterschool Alliance found that in 2014, parents were seeing the benefits of these programs. Here are some of their key findings:

  • Four out of five parents say after-school programs offer opportunities for physical activities
  • 72% say their child has opportunities for reading or writing
  • 69% say their child has opportunities for science, technology, engineering and math
  • 79% of parents and 88% of parents of children in after school care agree that these programs can help with social interaction
  • 73% of parents and 83% of parents with children in after-school programs agree that these programs can reduce participation in risky behaviors such as crime or drug use, or becoming a teen parent
  • 64% of parents and 82% of parents with children in these programs believe that this programming can excite children about learning

Choosing the Right After School Program in Orlando

Once you know the benefits, taking the time to find a quality before and after school program is essential. Here are some questions to consider when choosing an after school program and how Kids & Company would respond to them.


1. When is the program open?
Kids & Company school-age program is available all year round, during school time, no school, most holidays and summer time. We also provide flexible scheduling and extended hours of care, including Saturdays, in attempts to meet the needs of children and their families enrolled in our program.

2. Who runs the program?

Kids & Company requires its staff to continue their education by attending a minimum amount of annual trainings. We encourage and are proud of staff members who decide to pursue higher studies towards earning AA and BA degrees.


Teacher Requirements and Credentials:
  • CPR And First Aid Course
  • Literacy In-Service Training
  • 40 Hours State Mandatory Training
  • Background And Criminal Record Check
  • Child Development Associates (CDA-VPK Classes)

Our well-trained staff promotes strategies to guide children in the development of communication, problem solving, self-help, and conflict resolution skills.


3. Are there snacks provided?

Yes, snacks will be provided. For snack information, contact program locations.


4. What happens during homework time?

Right after snack is homework time, reading/writing activities, hands on discovery experiences and math games. Program staff is available to assist children with homework-related tasks. Other related activities may include; read-a louds, buddy reading, books, story writing, creative dramatics, and journal keeping. Games that enhance children's problem solving skills, deductive reasoning skills, and math related skills.


5. Do you offer physical or outdoor activities?

The most pleasant time in the day for a child is when it’s time for outdoor activities. At our large fenced in playgrounds,the children are able to play freely in a relaxed atmosphere. Children are encouraged to interact with one another in positive ways.
Staff 11/12/2015

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