How to Find the Best Orlando Preschool

Sunday, January 20, 2019

A good education doesn’t begin with getting into a good high school to prepare for college; it begins much, much earlier - in preschool in fact. Children that attend preschool start with a great an advantage. Not only are they exposed to important concepts in math and reading, but they also work to develop necessary social skills.


When searching for an Orlando preschool or child care provider it can get pretty overwhelming with all of the options out there. In this article we’ll share some tips for finding the preschool that’s right for your child.


Consider Your Family and Child’s Needs

Start your search by doing a little contemplating about your own needs. What is your budget? Do you need full-day care or half-day? Are you looking for a program with a particular educational mission? Would your child thrive better in a center or smaller setting? Once you know everything you’re looking for, finding the right Orlando preschool is much easier.


What to Look for in an Orlando Preschool

Ask for referrals. 
Talk with your pediatrician or close friends to get their opinions. Ask them what they enjoy about the preschool program's philosophy, reputation, teaching staff, and curriculum. You can also check out other people’s referrals online by looking at reviews.

Trust your gut. 
Your first impression says a lot about the space you’re in. How do you feel when you walk in the door? Is the space clean, bright, and inviting? Do you feel welcome? If you feel good about the environment, it’s more likely your child will too.

Find out about accreditation programs. 
Not all high-quality preschools have the resources to go through these rigorous programs, however preschool accreditation can offer an added measure of reassurance.

Consider the preschool teachers' qualifications. 
At Kids & Company in Orlando, FL all of our teachers are required to complete the following:

·         CPR And First Aid Course

·         Literacy In-Service Training

·         40 Hours State Mandatory Training

·         Background And Criminal Record Check

·         Child Development Associates (CDA-VPK Classes)
In addition to this, we encourage the continuing of their education by attending a minimum of annual trainings.
Ask about the curriculum. Philosophies and curricula vary widely from one preschool to another. Look for a preschool curriculum that offers rich content, hands-on learning, and developmentally-appropriate play. You can see what Kids & Company offers by reading our preschool academic program description.

Visit the outdoor space. 
Outdoor play often takes a backseat to academics, however, children’s needs for outdoor play is still as important as ever. Make sure your Orlando preschool provides plenty of time for outdoor play and nature discovery.

Read the fine print. 
Be sure to find out about the school's hours, tuition rates, registration fees, and illness and vacation policies. Do the policies seem fair to all parties?


Kids & Company offers so much more than the typical Orlando preschool and daycare. Free hot meals, free PM transportation, after school care until 7pm, and we even have the option for Saturday and night care at our Curry Ford location. With two locations in Orlando, there is a convenient location for you and your child. If you have any questions about our programs, including: infant care, childcare, voluntary prekindergarten (VPK), or after school programs, give us a call at (407) 227-1015.
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