Orlando Daycare Options for Parents Returning to College

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

There are many reasons that a parent might choose to go back to school: advance their current degree, start pursuing a new career path, or simply for the experience. No matter your reason, there are a lot of factors to consider when going back to school, including your childcare options.

Of the available child care options, what makes daycare the best option for you?

Daycare for College-Bound Parents

Going back to school will obviously change your entire daily routine. Your children, especially if they are not school-age yet, will need a place to go where they can receive quality care and supervision.

Sure, you could try to find a babysitter, but relying on a single person is risky. If they become sick or can’t show up for some reason, you’re missing out on your schooling. A daycare program is the most reliable option you have when it comes to childcare.

At a quality daycare program, like the ones at Kids & Company, there will always be adequate staff on hand to provide your child with the attention and care that they need throughout the day while you are at school. Remove your concerns about securing independent care and potentially having that fall through. Daycare programs run on schedules that you can work with.

In addition to the conveniences of daycare, your child will also benefit from being around other children their own age and from the educational activities that daycare programs have to offer. Your child will learn and grow at the same time you do!

Kids & Company offers so much more than the typical Orlando daycare. Free hot meals, free PM transportation, after school care until 7pm, and we even have the option for Saturday and night care at our Curry Ford location. With three locations around Orlando, there is a convenient location for you and your child. If you have any questions about our programs, including infant care, childcare, VPK, or after school programs give us a call at (407) 227-1015.

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