Rainy Day Daycare Activities for Home

Friday, July 10, 2015

As an Orlando daycare, we experience quite a lot of summer showers.  That means that we have to be prepared to have plenty of indoor activities ready at a moments notice. Here are some of the rainy day activities that we do in the daycare that are easy to do at home as well; perfect for a rainy Saturday afternoon.

30 Rainy Day Activities

  1. Aerobics/exercise.
  2. Popcorn and movie time.
  3. Build a Lego or block village. Keep adding to it.
  4. Create from recycled material bins/tubs. Don't have a recycled art/project box? Start one. Kids both at school and home love them! (Ideas here)
  5. Creative story telling. Going back and forth, or around the group, one person starts a story. Use an object such as a small ball; when the first person is done with his/her two or three lines, the object is passed along, until the story is complete.
  6. Design and build with Popsicle sticks/tongue depressor sticks.
  7. Dramatic play day.Depending on what supplies you have you can play House, Acting/Movie Star, Bank, Court, Doctor/Nurse/Hospital, Animal Hospital, Office, Restaurant, School, Travel, or T.V. News/Weather. 
  8. Face painting.
  9. Puzzles.
  10. Generate ideas for games to play once the rain stops.
  11. Jewelry making with yarn, beads or other supplies.
  12. Karaoke.
  13. Card games.
  14. Learn magic tricks and put on a show.
  15. Learn yoga.
  16. Learn a new dance. (Limbo, Conga line, YMCA, Macarena, Chicken dance, the Hustle)
  17. Lip Sync.
  18. Make a collage from magazines.
  19. Make friendship bracelets.
  20. Make play dough or flubber.
  21. Make puppets out of paper bags or socks. You can also make a show with them after.
  22. Origami.
  23. Pasta/rice/bean art.
  24. Finger painting.
  25. Simon Says.
  26. Holiday themed crafts.
  27. Play a board game.
  28. Practice ABCs or other curriculum.
  29. Have a party.
  30. Create a skit from a book or movie and act it out.

These are just some ideas to keep your kids entertained on a rainy day when you’re stuck indoors. Come up with some of your own ideas and write them in a Rainy Day Book for the next time you are caught inside all day.

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Staff 7/10/2015

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