Teaching Children Gratitude and Other Socializations

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Every parent strives to teach their children how to show appreciation and gratitude for what they have, but how can we continue to encourage an attitude of gratitude?

Modeling is often the best way to show kids how to behave. Since infants and toddlers love to “give” you objects (whether they actually let you have it or not), that is the perfect opportunity to start showing your thanks whenever they offer you something. If you enthusiastically show thankfulness, they will learn that giving and receiving are good things and the roots of gratitude will be planted.

Building Gratitude in Children

Beyond showing your gratitude, there are some other ways to start instilling this trait in your kids.

Talk about the best part of your day. At dinner, have each family member share something good about their day. This helps children focus on the positive aspects of life and leads to more gratefulness.

Be generous with your time. One of the biggest gifts you can give your child is time together. A child who gets to spend time with a parent learns they are special and cared for. This typically leads towards gracious attitudes with others.

Engage in activities that help others. Help deliver food to a sick or grieving neighbor, make a card for a friend in the hospital or someone in the military. When children’s actions are received with gratitude, they often want to do more.

Help write thank you notes. Writing thank you notes is a great way to instill thankfulness into your children, but when there are a ton of cards to write, it can get to be a little too much. Offer your assistance or have them draw a thank you photo instead.

Practice gratitude outside of the home. Remember that your children are looking to you as an example. Let them see you thanking others, such as the clerk at the grocery store or the person who cuts your grass. The more you show thanks, the more they will too!

Socialize in daycare. Part of sending your children to daycare is to help them socialize with other children and the adults who work there. Day to day they will continue to develop their social skills, including gratitude.

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