The 4 Lifelong Skills Your Children Learn at Orlando Daycare

Friday, July 21, 2017

Many of the skills that children need as adults are learned through play and interaction that happens beginning in daycare. Play is so fundamental that it can be found in every culture throughout history.

Here are the “4 Cs” that children learn through play according to the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC):

#1 Critical Thinking

Experiences during play encourage children to ask questions, consider options, analyze information, and can serve as STEM learning opportunities. For example, when a child is building a tower they must consider the shape, the arrangement of blocks, and how high they can be stacked before it topples.

#2 Communication

While instructors usually drive classroom setting communication, communication during play puts children in the driver’s seat. They assign roles, make rules, and take turns. Often this causes disagreements, which then lead to compromising, expressing needs, listening to others, along with other lifelong skills.

#3 Collaboration

Imagine children playing with Legos to build a castle. By doing this, they’re learning how to ask questions, listen, consider priorities, and make joint decisions. These critical skills are essential for any job as well as personal relationships.

#4 Creativity

As children mature, play can evolve from “functional” or “imitative” play, where a block is a block, to more imaginative play, where a pinecone can stand in for food or money. This ability to switch out props and materials for other things can allow children to be more creative and innovative later on in life.

Encouraging Play with Daycare

To help your children gain the benefits of play, create opportunities for play by:

  • Choosing a daycare or VPK that embraces a play-based philosophy

  • Don’t overschedule your child

  • Be comfortable with some mess

  • Provide open-ended materials, such as blocks, play food, and books

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Staff 7/21/2017

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