Tips for Managing Screen Time for Kids

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Tips for Managing Screen Time for Kids
As a society, we’re surrounded by digital media. We have screens in our pockets, in our homes, and out in the world (airports, taxis, restaurants, and more).

Children are naturally drawn to these screens, but they’re not always the best for kids. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) provides health and safety tips regarding screen time for kids. They recommend that screens should be avoided for all children 18 months and younger, other than when used as video-communication devices with relatives.

As children grow, it’s important to monitor how and when children use digital devices. The best use of digital devices allows children to use them as a tool, rather than only consuming media, such as watching TV or movies.

Children can research, collaborate, organize information, and find new solutions by themselves, promoting creativity and learning.

Screen Time Tips

While there are many games and apps that children can use, a great starting place is the tools within the tech itself.

Together with your child, try these ideas to encourage responsible screen time for kids:

Time Activities

Young children love to use the stopwatch function on a phone to see how quickly (or slowly) they can complete tasks. Using this also helps children to understand the concept of time in a concrete manner.

Create some fun activities to complete and see how long it takes. One example of something they can time would be, “How long will it take for the toast to pop out of the toaster?”

Use the Camera

Now that digital cameras and phones exist, and kids won’t waste a roll of film, let them experiment with taking photos. You can introduce different types of photography to your child and find out what resonates with them. Some are drawn to nature while others are drawn to food or people.

Allow your child to explore what interests them through photos.

Try Weather Reporting

Turn your child into your personal weatherman! Have your child check the daily or weekly weather report and read it back to you. Ask them if you’ll need a coat or umbrella that day, or other types of weather related questions.

They can also write out the weather report and post it in the kitchen, or create a chart that shows the high and low temperatures for the upcoming week.

There are so many other types of activities that take digital devices and turn them into tools. Not only is this a way to have fun, but it teaches children that these devices are more than just for watching YouTube videos, they can really make a difference in their every day lives.

As always, online safety and careful supervision of screen time for children is of the utmost importance. To help maximize the positive impacts of digital media for your family, check out the following additional resources:

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