Top Reasons Daycare is Great for Your Kid

Thursday, July 31, 2014
Top Reasons Daycare is Great for Your Kid
There comes a time for almost all working parents when you have to decide which form of childcare is the right fit for you and for your child. For those not fortunate enough to have a close friends or family members available to watch your kids, that typically means using a daycare or hiring a nanny or babysitter.
Although one-on-one care provided by a nanny or babysitter is appealing to some, there are many reasons why choosing a
daycare in Orlando can be a huge benefit.
1. Socialization
Probably one of the biggest benefits of choosing to send your little one to daycare in Orlando would be that they have the opportunity to interact and play with other children. They’ll learn important skills like how to share and play with others. It is also found that children can start to learn emotional intelligence, which includes self-awareness, self-control, and empathy, by being around the other children. Kids in daycare seem to be less shy and more likely to create friendships.
2. Preps Them for School
In a study from the National Institutes of Health by Kathy Hirsh-Pasek, Ph.D., it was found that at age four, kids who'd been in daycare did better on literacy and number-skills tests."Daycare centers are more stimulating and cognitively enriching than in the past,” said Hirsh-Pasek Ph.D. Being exposed to educational games and visuals can help your child be better prepared for preschool and beyond.

3. They’re in Good Hands
With trained professionals taking care of your children you can rest easy. Daycares follow a routine: play, nap, eat, play, snack, etc. While you may instruct a babysitter or nanny to follow a certain routine, there’s no guarantee that it will happen. At a daycare in Orlando you know your child will be stimulated and encouraged to interact with others, as well as eat their meals and take their naps.

These are only a few reasons why sending your kids to a daycare in Orlando can benefit them now and in the future.
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