Why Small Group Activities Are Important in Orlando Preschool

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

There are many benefits to having young children participate in activities in small groups in an Orlando preschool. Typically these activities are designed for groups of five or six children and feature materials that allow them to play and explore together.

Here are some of the reasons that small group activities are great for preschoolers:

1. Developmental Growth

While preschoolers are still developing their cognitive and social skills, they often function best when in small groups. These activities give them a chance to further develop social skills through structured interaction, using language to express thoughts and needs and to accomplish a task.

2. Cooperation

By working with their peers towards a common goal, preschoolers can develop their cooperation skills, conversation skills, and discover how to share and be fair. Through small group play, kids learn that they won’t always get their way and sometimes will have to compromise.

3. Interaction

Not only are small group activities great for learning, but it is also a fantastic way to encourage new friendships and interaction between children who don’t normally play together. This can help create a more inclusive atmosphere.

Switching up the groups can also expose preschoolers to the idea of working with different types of people who may have different ideas.

4. Observation

Small group settings allow for instructors to be able to better observe children’s behavior and interactions easier. Focusing on a few children at one time as they move through the room allows for better observation and note taking on abilities, how they interact, and their interests.

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Staff 2/26/2019

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