How to Deal with Resistance to Your Orlando Daycare Morning Routine

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Children aren’t known for always doing what they’re told, when they’re told. And we’ve all been late a few times because of it. 

If your children are resisting your morning routines, such as arguing about breakfast, debating what clothes they want to wear, or playing when they should be getting ready to go - here are some tips to keep you and your children on track:

  • Encourage and remind, but don’t nag. It’s ok to let them experience the consequences of procrastinating. This may mean missing breakfast or forgetting their homework.

  • Set a rule that the TV doesn't go on in the morning until chores are done, if at all.

  • Create a morning routine chart with your child, and involve them by asking, "What's next on the routine chart?" They can also help design the chart.

  • Use an alarm clock in children's rooms. Not only will this ensure that you wake them up at the same time each morning, but it will also help you so you don’t get lost in checking emails or other errands. This will help toddlers prepare for elementary school as well.

  • Avoid lecturing. Instead, try asking "what" and "how" questions – such as "what happens when you don't get dressed in the morning?" and "How do you feel about missing the school bus?" These questions help children think for themselves, whereas lecturing can sometimes result in a blank stare.

  • Plan ahead, and give children enough time to succeed on their own. Remember to give reminders and establish clear expectations for your morning routine.

  • Let your child know that you need help. For example, saying, "I would appreciate you getting dressed so we can get to school before morning meet up." This invites cooperation instead of resistance.

Getting ready for daycare isn’t always the hardest part. Sometimes, dropping your child off at daycare in the morning can be a challenge, especially if they aren’t ready to say goodbye.

Here are some tips and strategies for making the morning drop-off routine easier.

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Staff 10/6/2016

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