The Importance of Pre-K

Thursday, July 5, 2018

When asking many kindergarten teachers what is expected of children to know when entering their class, most will say they expect the child to know their name, how to spell it, know the alphabet, letter names, numbers one through ten, colors and shapes.  While these may not seem like difficult things to teach children, it is often with daily repetition and unique learning environments that children gain most of their knowledge.

The Importance of Pre-K

Prior Knowledge

Building a foundation for children to bring into kindergarten is an important part of pre-K in Orlando. Establishing basic knowledge and building a higher vocabulary prior to going into their kindergarten classroom allows them to feel confident, understand more instructions, allows them to better follow directions and express themselves easier to the teacher.

Besides the knowledge gained in the classroom, it also prepares your child for the classroom itself. This type of learning environment gets kids ready for school, but also prepares them for embracing how to learn and how to develop those learning skills like listening and following directions.

Social Advantages

Not only are children who go through pre-K better prepared on a knowledge basis, but also on a social basis. They have been able to interact with peers, engage in proper social activities, and have started working on social skills such as sharing, empathy, and other behavioral skills.

Young children’s brains are like sponges; they soak up every opportunity to learn. When exposed to a learning environment like prekindergarten, they are able to take in those experiences that would not be provided by a babysitter or even a stay-at-home parent. Beyond learning the basic fundamentals for their schooling careers, there is also the social component that allows them to interact with their peers and start developing socially.

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