VPK Assessment

The VPK Assessment

Kids & Company uses the Florida Voluntary PreKindergarten (VPK) Assessment to monitor the progress of the your child as they develop important readiness skills.  This assessment focuses on print knowledge, phonological awareness, mathematics, and oral language/vocabulary skills.  Your child will be assessed at the beginning, middle and end of the school year to plan instructional activities that meet their needs.  These skills are clear predictors of later school success and have instructional value.  We work on these skills daily in our classroom.  Below is a brief explanation of each measure assessed.

Print Knowledge Measure

The Print Knowledge measure assesses your child's ability to recognize the difference between letters and words, and their knowledge of letter names, (both upper and lower case) and the sounds they make.

Phonological Awareness Measure

The Phonological Awareness Measure assesses your child's awareness and manipulation of the different sounds in a word.  The Phonological Awareness measure assesses your child's ability to blend (put together) a word if it is broken up into smaller sounds or syllables, blend a compound word, and recognize the remaining word when part of the stimulus word is taken away (e.g., If the teacher says to the child: "Say, football without ball." Football is the stimulus word)

Mathematics Measure

The Mathematics measure assesses your child's early numeracy skills across three different areas: counting skills, numerical relations skills, and arithmetic reasoning skills.

Oral Language/Vocabulary Measure

The Oral Language/Vocabulary measure assesses your child's ability to express herself in words, understand language that is heard, and their knowledge of age appropriate words and their meanings.

For great ideas to help you work with your child at home this year, visit the Bright Beginnings website at https://www.brightbeginningsfl.org/Parent/Default.aspx (will open in another browser window).

Please contact us if you would like to discuss your child's progress in developing the specific readiness skills that we are working  on this year. Progress reports will be sent to you at the start, mid-year and upon graduation from our VPK program.  Kids & Company will do everything possible to make this an enjoyable and successful year of learning for your child.