Infant and Toddlers

The Importance Of Infant Stimulation

Stimulating your baby's senses will enable them to reach developmental milestones faster, as well as aid in the development of motor skills.  The first year of life is when your baby's brain is growing the fastest and positive developmental changes are enhanced through infants' interaction with their environment.  It is never too early to start reading and to make regular reading times a part of the family routine.  Reading to your infant supports the development of good communication, vocabulary development & attention span.

Infants and Toddlers Day Care in Orlando

Studies have showed that music plays an important role in the lives of infants and toddlers.  Children respond to music in such a positive manner.  When the mother or caregiver sings to the baby, the baby responds, becomes attentive, and makes eye contact.  Eventually, the interaction becomes an interchange of communication between the baby and adult.  The very nature of music is sensual and this is why it contributes much to the emotional well-being of the infant and toddler. 
Kids & Company Learning Centers offers a high quality Orlando day care benefit that influences and impacts the development of your baby. Our small teacher to child ratio is extremely important in determining the effects of your child's development. The sensitivity and education of our infant and toddler caregivers promote a positive and healthy development. Your child will receive high quality, safe and loving care that will impact the results that relate to high language, math, cognitive and social skills. Our school oriented activities facilitate cognitive skills early on and at a consistent rate. The abilities and skills needed for success are enhanced by starting early and giving your child the learning advantage: Early Education!
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