Preschool Academic Programs

The importance of a good education is not limited to a good high school, so that your child can get into a good college. The foundation for this begins much, much earlier, in preschool actually. Children that attend preschool are at an advantage. Not only are they exposed to important concepts in math and reading, but their developing social skills see the most benefit. Martha E. Mock, assistant professor at the University of Rochester Warner School of Education, says that “children learn best through meaningful interaction with real materials and caring adults and their peers, not through the drilling of isolated skills."

Preschool Academic Programs, Kids and Company in Orlando FL

At Kids & Company Learning Centers we share this belief; our research-based curriculum, High Reach, is play-based because we understand how children learn. In our program, children are stimulated intellectually as well as emotionally and socially, from a variety of sources.

Program highlights: 

  • Our classrooms are equipped with state-of-art computers, science experiments and nature observations which challenge children minds. We have activities that stimulate the senses too; for example children have fun while learning how temperature changes can turn juice into popsicles! (and they are yummy too!).
  • Free expression through paint is a way for children to experiment with colors as they find the many different combinations that result in even more colors!
  • In the Dramatic Play area children can role-play and develop their social skills while playing “mom and dad” in our vast assortment of multicultural dolls.
  • Children are also able to explore the roles of important members of society such as doctors, teachers, police officers, etc. with dress-up clothes.
At Kids & Company Learning Centers, these are just a few of the ways our children learn through play, which is the best way!


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