Hot and Nutritional Meals

Food Program

Kids & Company Learning Centers is a sponsor of The State of Florida Child Care Food Program. We encourage children to eat nutritious foods, preparing daily fresh, hot and attractive foods to help ensure that the children eat well while in child care. A variety of positive food experiences and activities can help develop good eating habits and food preferences. The child care provider should also be a good role model. Meals and snacks served to children must meet specific U.S. Department of Agriculture meal pattern requirements. To participate in this program meals and snacks must include, at a minimum, food components in amounts specified by age. The meal pattern food components are fluid milk, vegetables, fruit, grains or bread; and meat or meat alternates.

Parents/guardians of children eligible for free and reduced-price meals must complete an application at the time of the enrollment. Eligibility information includes the names of all household members; income of each household member or household member’s Food Assistance Program (formerly known as the Food Stamp Program) case number; signature of an adult household member; and last four digits of the social security number (SSN) of the adult household member signing the application or an indication that this adult does not have a SSN. Children who are members of households receiving Food Assistance Program or foster children are automatically eligible to receive free meal benefits with appropriate documentation. Children from families whose income is at or below a chart offered by the CCFP will also be eligible for free or reduced-price meals. The parent application for free and reduced-price meals will remain in each child file at the child care center.


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