Infants to 12 Years Old

The Benefits of Early Education at Kids & Company Learning Centers

The early years of learning matter because early experiences affect the architecture of the maturing brain. Children begin learning as soon as they are born, and their brains are built from the bottom up. Scientific studies show that the interactive influences of genes and experience shape the developing brains. Children's hearts and minds are molded by the relationships and environments they experience. The active ingredient is the relationships with their parents and other caregivers in their family or community.

Benefits of Early Education at Kids and Company Daycare in Orlando, FL

When we give our youngest citizens a stimulating environment with plenty of opportunities to explore and discover and interact positively with others, we lay a strong foundation for their future learning. Good quality child care and preschool programs provide this strong foundation and give children the tools they need to succeed in school and in life. We all benefit when we give children the right start.

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