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6 Advantages of an After School Program

When the final school bell rings, your child has quite a bit of free time which is why an after school program is perfect for turning aimless hours into fun, productive learning time. It’s also particularly beneficial for kids with learning and attention issues. Check out these six advantages of enrolling your child in an after school program to see how it can help them grow socially and academically. 1. Safety and Supervision Keeping kids busy in an after school program can prevent them f...

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How Orlando After School Care Encourages Kids to Get Good Grades

Every parent and educator wants children to do well in school. No matter your own school experiences, we all want our children to thrive in school and life. One question we always see is how to encourage children to earn better grades. Do we offer homework help? Do rewards help? Here are some ways to help encourage kids to get better grades: 1. Set high but realistic expectations. Always hold your children to a high standard, but be realistic about goals. Having high expectations is important, b...

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Orlando After School Programs & Homework Helpers

Helping children develop good homework habits is like teaching them to brush their teeth or go to bed on time: it takes a routine and consistency. Sometimes parents are busy at work until later in the evening, which is why a trusted after school care program can help teach these good homework habits. At Kids & Company, our program staff is available to assist children with homework-related tasks. If they don’t have any homework assigned to them, educationally supportive activities are ...

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Benefits of an After School Program

After school programs are often the only option for kids with working parents, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t have additional benefits besides a place to sit and wait. Our Afterschool Program provides an environment that is safe, comfortable, and has a lot of interest areas. Things to Do for Kids in Daycare The after-school environment includes a variety of indoor and outdoor space and is equipped with age appropriate materials and supplies. Often times, the most fun time in t...

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