3 Fall Themed Activities For Orlando Daycares

Wednesday, October 2, 2019
Florida may not experience typical fall weather but that doesn’t mean that Orlando daycares can’t get into the spirit of the season with some fun fall themed activities! Not only are these fall themed activities interactive, they’re educational too which makes them perfect to do at school or at home.

Make an apple counting book

Making an apple counting book is a hands-on activity that improves math and literacy skills. There are many free printable apple counting books available to download online. After you’ve found a printable book template, print it out and follow the folding directions. Make sure the pictures are facing the right way and the pages are in the correct order before stapling along the left-hand side of the book.
When the book is assembled, the kids can use a washable ink to make fingerprint apples, crayons, colored pencils - even toy apples and buttons are another idea for apple counting. This is a great activity to do in small groups or one-on-one for playful learning that helps improve number and word recognition as well as ‘1:1 correspondence’ (i.e. matching one item to one corresponding item).

Write out names with colorful pumpkin seeds.

With some dye, pumpkin seeds, construction paper, and glue, kids can express their creativity by writing out their name in a rainbow of pumpkin seeds. Name activities are a great way to help children learn various concepts such as: 
  • Letter identification
  • Letter sounds
  • Letter formation
  • High frequency words
  • Comparing and contrasting
  • Counting
Colorful pumpkin seeds add a fun twist and provide children a different sensory experience. Furthermore, the bright colors grab their attention and help them explore math concepts such as patterning and sorting.

Practice letters or words with a salt writing tray.

A fall salt writing tray is a hands-on activity that lets kids practice letters, numbers, and shapes. It’s easy to set up - dye some salt orange, let it dry, and put it on a tray. You can also use colored sand if you prefer. Next, you’ll need to have leaves with letters or numbers on them so the children can see what to write down in their tray.
After they’ve picked a leaf and written it in the tray, all they need to do is gently shake the tray to erase it. For older children, try this activity with sight words instead of letters. Not only will kids be excited to write in the salt tray, they’ll be developing important literacy and motor skills.

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