9 Parenting Tips for Back to School Success

Monday, August 26, 2019

Going back to school can be an exciting and stressful time for both parents and kids, but with a little preparation, it can go much smoother. As an Orlando daycare with after school programs, we understand that the transition from summer vacation to school can be hard. With these nine back to school tips for parents, your kids will start the new school year on the right foot.

1. Meet the teacher

A common concern children have when they go back to school is whether they’ll like their teacher. You can calm their fear by meeting the teacher at the school’s open house or back-to-school night. If the teacher sends a welcome letter or email, read it aloud with your child. A quick way to reach out is by phone call or email, however, if personal contact isn’t possible, look for the teacher’s picture on the school’s website or yearbook to help your child put a name with a face.

2. Visit the school

Take advantage of your school’s open house to familiarize your child with his or her environment to avoid nerves on the first day. It’s also helpful to review the school’s policies regarding early arrivals or late pick-ups and take note of any school patrols, crossing guards, and high traffic areas nearby.

3. Prepare a study area

If you don’t have one already, set up a special place at home to do homework and study. Make sure to remove distractions from the area. By showing interest and praising your child’s work, you show to your child that education is a priority.

4. Make homework a habit

Not only is it important to find a place in your home where your child can complete her or his homework, you should make time for it daily. By establishing a routine early on, it will be easier for your child to transition back to school.

5. Monitor TV time

Limit your child’s TV time and make it an occasion for family bonding. After the show is done, have a discussion about it to bring the family together and develop the child’s critical thinking skills.

6. Create excitement with school supplies

Having the right school supplies will help your child feel more prepared for the new year. Make back to school more fun by allowing for a splurge or two like a cool notebook or pencil case. You can also get your child excited about school by going through the new school supplies and explaining how they might be used.

7. Connect with school friends

Ease your child’s anxiety about going back to school by helping them to connect with a familiar face by contacting parents from last year’s class and finding out who are in your child’s class this year. Rekindle these relationships by scheduling a play date or a school carpool.

8. Go to bed on time

Kids often have inconsistent bedtimes during the summer but it’s important that they get back to their normal bedtime to ensure they’re properly rested for school. After all, sleep is crucial for their health and productivity. You can help kids transition to their new sleep schedule by going to bed and waking up earlier at least a week in advance of when school begins.

9. Ease into the routine

The first day of school can be a whirlwind which is why practicing your routine a few days in advance and easing into it can make the first day less stressful for both parents and kids. Not only do routines help children feel comfortable, they’ll make the first several weeks of the school year go more smoothly.

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