What to Pack for a Summer Road Trip with Kids

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Are you going to be traveling with your children this summer?

Even short distances can be made easier and more enjoyable with these supplies packed in your car.

1. First Aid Supplies - A first aid kit, sunscreen, self-activating ice pack, insect repellent, thermometer, fever-reducing and pain-reducing medication with correct dosage chart based on child's weight and age.

2. Extra Clothes - Keep an extra set of clothes for each child and consider keeping these clothes in the car all the time. This is much easier than attempting to dig them out of your luggage when everything is packed up tighty. It’s also helpful to keep a sweater handy in the event someone gets cold from the air conditioner. It is much easier to travel with kids when they are comfortable.

3. Comfort Items - Pack blankets, pillows, and stuffed animals. Try to limit it to one per child or you can run out of room quickly.

4. Food and Snacks - Freeze a few juice boxes or water bottles to keep the other beverages cold and toward the end of the trip the frozen ones will be ready to drink too. Crackers and fruits make great road trip snacks – as you should try to avoid junk food.

5. Rest Stop Activities – Utilize rest stops as a time to let the children run around outside and parents stretch out. Bring along some bubbles, a ball or Frisbee to throw around.

6. Car Ride Activities - It's important to have fun family activities ready and prepared to ensure that your road trip goes smoothly. Pack each child a small bag of handheld goodies such as markers, coloring books, or crossword puzzles. Make a playlist of songs to play on the road and start a sing-a-long.

7. Sanitation Supplies - Make sure to include paper towels, a box of heavy duty wipes, bags for dirty clothes and garbage, fragrance-free disinfectant spray, antibacterial lotion, toilet paper, and disinfectant wipes for yucky roadside bathrooms on your packing list. If you have an infant with you, be sure to have extra diapers, wipes, and a portable changing pad or table. For older children, like toddlers and preschoolers, consider if they need extra pull-ups or a travel-friendly “potty” if you are still toilet training.

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